How to Install Street Numbers

Hardware should always be installed by a competent professional with a good understanding of exterior wall types and mounting fasteners. Please do not attempt to install any hardware unless you know how to safely operate the necessary tools, and have a good understanding of what you are doing. The following instructions are basic guidelines for qualified installers.

Basic tools include:

 Safety glasses, ladder, measuring tape, pencil, battery powered screw gun or electric drill/driver, toothpick or small wooden stick, blue masking tape. 

Installation Instructions:

  • Cut a piece of corragated cardboard slightly larger than your layout, lay the numbers out on the cardboard just the way you want them to look on your wall, then outline them. This is your template.
  • Press each number into the cardboard so you can clearly see the impressions of the mounting nuts welded onto the back of each number. Mark the center of each nut and poke a small hole through the cardboard at the center of each mounting nut.
  • Tape the cardboard up on the wall, (this is a good time to stand back and observe your layout from a distance. If you want to change anything, now is the time.)
  • With a sharpie, mark each mounting hole through the cardboard and onto the wall, and then discard the cardboard template.
  • Drill holes in the wall to the desired depth using a 1/4″ stone bit for masonry, or a standard 1/4″ drill bit for wood surfaces. (usually around 3/4″ deep). 
  • Screw the studs into the numbers by hand. No need to get them tight, after installation they can’t turn.  
  • Cut the corner of the adhesive packet, apply some to the end of each stud and a squeeze some into each hole or apply with a toothpick.  
  • Position the numbers on the surface, and use blue masking tape to hold them in place until the adhesive sets up. Remove tape carefully and enjoy. The adhesive will take 24 hours or more to fully cure so don’t disturb them for a while. The adhesive will dry clear. 

Tips: Our numbers closely resemble the papyrus font, and all numbers are not supposed to be the same size. Print your address on your computer in a large text to see exactly how the each number is designed to line up with the others.   

Don’t worry about pressing the numbers flush against the wall, they look nice sitting away from the wall 3/4″ or so.  

Use enough adhesive to seal the holes from outside moisture but don’t get it on your fingers and then handle the numbers or you may leave shiny spots on them.

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